Micro Rewards redefines how you appreciate your team


Rewarding a team member takes only a few clicks. This enables to reward your subordinates as and when they show how exceptional they are.


Rewards you issue are digital and can be shared on social media and other digital channels. So your recognition of employees goes beyond boundaries of your organisation


These rewards cannot be duplicated but could verify for authenticity. Underlying technology is backed by advanced cryptography which make these rewards meaningful

Story of Micro Rewards

How frequently you appreciate your employees or subordinates?

Running a company or leading a team comes with continues stream of challenges. Team members or subordinates are the ones who really helps you to navigate through these challenges. It is not a secret these team members go beyond their job role and responsibilities achieve team's objectives.

But as a leader, do you recognise these good deeds from your team members sufficiently? How exactly you could recognise these day to day good deeds in a meaningful way ?

Micro Rewards is all about recognising small good deeds by your team members and rewarding them in a cost effective, efficient and meaningful manner.

Whenever you come across an incident which you feel you are lucky to have this member(s) in your team you could offer him/her a digital reward which he/she could proudly share in social media. It is unique, cannot duplicate and could verify for its authenticity.