ZeDeId is a Software Development Kit (SDK) which facilitates development of software applications that could preserve its users privacy better than the already available platform. Moreover, it enables individuals to have full control over their personal information (credentials).

In this day and age, digital identities are issued by enterprises such as Google, Facebook, etc. These private enterprises have full control over these identities and most data when these identities are used to access other services. This leads to information leaks, target marketing and many other means of privacy violations. ZeDeId is an attempt to solve these problems.

ZeDeId gives back the full control of digital identities to its true owner. Identity owner could decide what exact information would be shared with whom and for how long. With ZeDeld, identity tracking and correlating activities are not possible.

With ZeDeId, Identities are managed using decentralized ledgers and smart contracts which have no centralized controllers. ZeDeId provides means to generate disposable identities in a user friendly way. This restrict options for outsiders to correlate activities and track users. Users could confirm their authenticity to other applications reliably using DID Documents which are hosted on decentralised ledgers. Credentials of an individual could be shared and verified as necessary without any human involved trust mechanism.

ZeDeId provides tools for both platform builders and individual identity owners. ZeDeId SDK enables online application developers to enable DID based authentication Credentials verification. End users could use ZeDeId utilities such as identity wallets to authenticate themselves and manage their credentials. These utilities come as browser extensions and mobile applications.



Decentralised Identity (DID) is the fundamental element which differentiate traditional authentication and credential methods from state of the art options provided by ZeDeId


Unlike mainstream services, ZeDeId uses self issued Identities (DIDs) to authenticate users while complying with the OAuth standards and providing the same convenience to the end users.


New approach to take the full control of your credentials to an Identity you own and manage. Open standard to share only the necessary information with external parties and then verify those independently


Tools for Developers


Self Issued OpenIDConnect Provider with DID. Enables implementing authentication for online platforms and building authentication enabled custom identity wallets


Library with all necessary helper functions to create, present and verify, Verifiable Credentials (VC). Supports selective disclosure of VC Attributes


Wrapper library combining above two libraries to fast track development of custom identity wallets which are capable of managing identities, authentication requests and verifiable credentials

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Tools for End Users

Mobile Apps

Browser Extension

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SDK Documentation

Comprehensive documentation on SDK functionalities

Developers could find all necessary information on how to integrate features offered by ZeDeId SDK into their applications here.

ZeDeId could enhance your custom applications capabilities by introducing

Decentralised identities
SIOP Authentication
Verifiable Credentials

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Tool site

Simple application to experiment with DIDs, Hierarcgically Deterministic Key, Verifiable Credentials (Generate, Present & Verify)

Implicit Flow Demo

Simple demo app to illustrate how implicit Authentication Flow works with DIDs and SIOP

AuthCode Flow Demo

Simple demo app to illustrate how Auth Code Authentication Flow works with DIDs and SIOP

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Explanation Videos

What is DID SIOP?

How to set up Browser Extensi...

DID SIOP Explainer from DID...


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Code Donation to DIF
DID SIOP Introduction


Obsolete : Self-Issued OpenID Connect Provider DID SIOP Profile v0.1
OpenID Connect Core 1.0 incorporating errata set 1
Self-Issued OpenID Provider v2
OpenID for Verifiable Presentations


Micro Rewards is a simple but meaningful application built using the ZeDeId platform. It uses all main features of the platform such as DID SIOP based authentication, Hierarchical Deterministic Keys and Verifiable Credentials
(Generation, Presentation and Verification)

Use case of Micro Rewards is to recognise members within a team for good deeds they do stand out as a team. These items may not go into the team members personal file as they are groundbreaking, but definitely impactful enough to be recognised within the team and beyond. Micro Rewards make it possible to issue a reward digitally signed by the team lead/manager and issue it to a member. Then the member accepts it by signing it with his/her private key to prove the true ownership of the reward. These digital rewards could be shared on Social Media and other digital platforms. Since these rewards are digitally signed, their authenticity can be verified by any third party. Furthermore, these digital rewards cannot be tampered as they are digitally signed.

So Micro Rewards is a way to recognise your team members by issuing tamper proof digital rewards which could verify conveniently


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